A fond farewell to CIDG statistician Dr Marty Chaplin

Team photo

The CIDG editorial base said a fond farewell to Dr Marty Chaplin on Thursday 4th April 2024.

Marty joined the CIDG editorial base staff as a medical statistician in 2013, and has provided invaluable statistical support and guidance to our CIDG team, Editors, and authors for over 10 years in the area of evidence synthesis. Marty has contributed to the development of many CIDG reviews as a co-author, including those that have raised unique challenges to determine the appropriate analysis approaches. Marty highlighted these approaches at the recent 2023 Cochrane Colloquium, where she presented on experiences from CIDG. She remains as a CIDG Statistical Editor.

On behalf of the CIDG editorial team, Editors, authors, and collaborators, we wish her all the very best. She will be missed at the CIDG editorial base!