Systematic Review course for TB specialists in India

Primer in Systematic Reviews: Tuberculosis
National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis
Chennai,  August 2015

A course organized between :

• The International Union against TB and Lung Disease, Delhi

• The National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis (ICMR), Chennai

• Asian Cochrane Centre, Vellore

• Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group, School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool

• McGill University, Montreal

Evidence-informed clinical and public health practice depends on well-conducted systematic reviews and meta-analyses. They are a central component of policy and guideline development, especially with the widespread adoption of the GRADE approach by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other guideline development groups worldwide. The application of systematic reviews to key healthcare questions makes it valuable for health professionals, researchers, and decision-makers to know how to identify, read, appraise, and interpret systematic reviews

This five-day course will provide an introductory overview of systematic review and meta-analysis, with specific examples from tuberculosis. The course will involve interactive presentations, discussions, and small group work.