Visiting Fellow - Praveen Weeratunga

Dr Praveen Weeratunga is a Lecturer in the Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.  From 19-29 November 2018, the Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group (CIDG) editorial base welcomed Dr Weeratunga as a visiting fellow. In this report he provides an insight into his involvement with the CIDG and his time at the CIDG editorial base in Liverpool.

 How did you first become involved with the CIDG?

I got involved with CIDG as an author of the Cochrane review titled “Control Methods for Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti”

What were the objectives of this visit to the CIDG editorial base?

The objectives were to decide on the papers for final inclusion in the review, discuss comparisons and grouping of intervention, obtain statistical support and to complete the results, characteristics of studies and discussion sections of the review

Who have you met with at the CIDG/outside CIDG to help attain your objectives during your visit?

I received excellent support from CIDG with Prof Paul Garner who provided wonderful guidance and mentorship. Leslie Choi was also an excellent resource with most of the objectives of the review. I also met with Marty Richardson who provided me with expert statistical guidance. I also extremely appreciate the help and guidance of Philomena Hinds (for helping me to get to LSTM), Christianne Esparza (who tirelessly helped me with obtaining papers and translations), Victoria Lutje for helping with the searches and Deirdre Walshe for coordinating the review process.

How has visiting the CIDG editorial base helped development of your protocol/review?

I managed to complete the review during my visit and had discussions on further reviews for teams based in Sri Lanka      

What were the main results/outputs of your visit?

I managed to complete the review and all stated objectives during my visit 

What further work will need to be undertaken?

On my return I will circulate the draft of the review among other members of the team and submit for editorial review      

What do you like about the city of Liverpool?

This was my first time in Liverpool. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Friendly people, wonderful museums and art galleries. Had a nice time at the Beatles story too! The staff at LSTM are very helpful and lovely to work with.


The CIDG editorial base is located at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine  in Liverpool, UK. The CIDG is led by Professor Paul Garner (Co-ordinating Editor) and Deirdre Walshe (Managing Editor). Over 600 authors from some 52 countries contribute to the preparation of the Cochrane Reviews. They are supported by an international team of Editors, each with topic or methodological expertise. 

The CIDG’s main areas of work are on determination of the effects of interventions on the prevention or treatment infectious diseases of relevance to the  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and neglected tropical diseases. The aims of the CIDG are to impact on policy and research in tropical diseases through the production of high quality and relevant systematic reviews, and to lead developments in review quality improvement and effective dissemination of findings.