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Access in low-income countries

The Cochrane Library is free at the point of use in several countries and in the following low-income countries:

  • “Cochrane Library ( is available with free one-click access to all residents of countries in the World Bank’s list of low-income economies (countries with a gross national income (GNI) per capita of less that $1000). Access to the Cochrane Library for low-income countries is via Wiley-Blackwell IP recognition, a system which recognises the country a user is in. Access to the Cochrane Library is also available via the HINARI and INASP programmes, that provide additional support to low-income countries:
  • Access to Research through HINARI – Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative, a partnership led by WHO. John Wiley & Sons is collaborating with HINARI to provide free access to the Cochrane Library to low-income countries as defined by The World Bank via this gateway.
  • The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications' (INASP) Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI) provides access to many scientific resources, including health information. In addition to the one-click access for low-income economies mentioned above, through a partnership with INASP, John Wiley & Sons is providing low cost access to named research organisations in selected countries that are on UNDP's medium–low human development index list. INASP also runs an extensive training program on use of  the Cochrane Library and the other resources it offers its partners. Most access is online, but CDs are provided where requested. Please use the country finder on the INASP website to check if the Cochrane Library is available in your country or for further information contact Lucy Browse, Head of Information Delivery at INASP.”

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