There are many resources freely available to help authors prepare a Cochrane Review. The following resources from Cochrane  will be needed by each co-author.

Archie: Once your title has been registered, the Managing Editor will give each co-author a user account for Archie, Cochrane’s Information Management System. Further information about Archie is available.

Review Manager: To work on the review, each co-author will need to download Review Manager, the software used to prepare Cochrane Reviews. Review Manager connects to Archie over the internet allowing co-authors to store and share the protocol and review online.

Cochrane Handbook: The Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions ('the Cochrane Handbook') has everything from describing the different sections of Cochrane Reviews and their required content to chapters on statistics for meta-analyses to how to assess adverse events. See the Cochrane Handbook website to browse the book online (no cost) or purchase it as a hardback book.