Who we are


Over 600 authors from some 52 countries are involved with the preparation of CIDG Cochrane Reviews. The full list of authors is available in the CIDG module document in the Cochrane Library.


Each CIDG Cochrane Reviews is refereed by at least two external referees. We are indebted to their contribution. The full list of referees is available in the CIDG module document in the Cochrane Library.  


The work of the CIDG is supported by editors and administrative staff. The editors provide feedback on reviews and help the editorial team develop policies and guidelines for the Group. They also help define the scope and topics covered by the CIDG. Any editor who is an author is excluded from editorial decisions on the review for which they are contributors.  

See here for the conflict of interest statements of our editorial staff 

Co-ordinating Editor
Paul Garner (Paul.Garner@lstmed.ac.uk)

Managing Editor
Deirdre Walshe (Deirdre.Walshe@lstmed.ac.uk)

Information Specialist
Vittoria Lutje (Vittoria.Lutje@lstmed.ac.uk)
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Information Specialist - HIV
Anel Schoonees (AnelSchoonees@sun.ac.za)

Martha Richardson (mhr@liverpool.ac.uk)

Editorial Assistant
Philomena Hinds (Philomena.Hinds@lstmed.ac.uk)

Administrative Assistant
Christianne Esparza (Christianne.Esparza@lstmed.ac.uk)